Biennial of the Americas Festival set to receive hundreds in Denver

The final preparations for the 2017 Biennial of the Americas Festival (Sept. 12-16)  are underway as the city of Denver is set to receive hundreds of innovators, artists, students, thinkers, and doers from across the Americas. Humanitas360 is an official partner of the Biennial as the institute co-curated and is helping organize the Civic Americas Track of the festival.

The Civic Americas track will explore how innovators and activists are moving beyond traditional outlets and pathways to address crucial civic, social and economic issues through social entrepreneurship, citizen activism, technological breakthroughs and other means. The gathering will harness the experience and leadership of individuals from academia, social businesses, government, civic entrepreneurs and civil society to analyze examples of civic social entrepreneurship and discuss opportunities for cross fertilization and collective learning with the goal of assuring that all citizens live in safety and with assurances of individual empowerment and a positive future.

“The festival this year will crown the partnership that we have been developing with local leaders in Colorado and the United States as a whole. We can’t wait to have our other partners from Latin America from places like Rio de Janeiro, Bogotá and São Paulo share the incredible work they’re leading in their communities. I’m sure the experience will be enriching to everyone,” said Patrícia Villela Marino, H360’s president.

In the line-up of speakers and guests in the Civic Americas track are Scott Sobel (Valor Capital Group), Elizabeth Alexander (Ford Foundation), Bibiana Ferraiuoli (Ricky Martin Foundation), Lyn Jeffry (Institute for the Future), Scott Sherman (Transformative Action Institute) and Patrícia Villela Marino (Humanitas360).

The week-long festival of ideas, arts and culture is the most important gathering of top elected, business and cultural leaders focused on the Western hemisphere. The Biennial curates content among collaborators in the ideas, arts and cultural spheres, leveraging partnerships that result in high-quality, in-depth programming.     

The 2015 Biennial hosted over 100 events throughout the summer with over 25,000 participants attending the innovative six-day opening week program of events, bringing together nearly 60 artists, speakers and international leaders representing more than 25 countries.     

“This year’s Biennial creates a significant opportunity to bring together the most innovative leaders from across the Western Hemisphere to discuss, question, accelerate and transform how we do business and live together today,” said Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. “We look forward to hosting yet another year of world-class talent and thought leaders from throughout the Americas in this year’s Biennial of the Americas.”       

You can follow the four-day event on H360’s social media channels and on

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