Colorado Governor Meets with H360 to Discuss the Use of Medical and Recreational Cannabis

Colorado Meeting

Talks expand the dialogue about drug policies that have a more effective and humane approach

Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado recently participated in an engaging event hosted by Humanitas360 in Aspen. Community leaders and other partners met in order to further discuss the Colorado experiment on drug policy, its positive socio-economic impact and the possible scenario for Latin America. Through its partnership with the Governor and the CEO of the Biennial of the Americas, Humanitas360 has been following closely the effects of new drug policies, and bringing discourse regarding the challenges involved throughout the Americas. The president of Humanitas360, Patrícia Marino, is a member on the board of the Biennial of the America, and this year Humanitas360 Vice President, Piero Bonadeo, participated on one of its panels to discuss the social changes associated with drug consumption and trafficking in Latin America and the United States.

“It’s always important to meet with Governor Hickenlooper and to expand the dialogue on drug policy as we seek to advance on that agenda in order to generate positive impact on the continent,” said Piero.

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