“Drug prohibition has created Pablo Escobar and other drug traffickers.”

“Drug prohibition has created Pablo Escobar and other drug traffickers.”

Humanitas360 organized panel with Juan Pablo Escobar about drug policy, marginalization and pacification.

Son of one of the world’s most known drug lords, Juan Pablo Escobar swore to avenge his father’s death, “I repented of it 10 minutes later.”

Today, he promotes peacebuilding activities and reconciliation among those that have been directly and indirectly affected by his father’s actions.

In Brazil to release his book Pablo Escobar, My Father, Juan accepted the invitation to debate marginalization, violence and drugs with the journalist Ricardo Anderáos, the author Dênis Russo, and the rapper, cultural producer, and social activist Ferréz, who is from the Capão Redondo favela, São Paulo.

Juan, an architect and industrical designer, was a boy when he started to understand what his dad did to provide a lavish lifestyle to his family.

“In August of 1984, with the death of the Minister of Justice Rodrigo Lara Bonilla, it was easy to notice that there was something behind the father that I knew due to the accusations that he started receiving,” says Juan Pablo Escobar.

The writer and journalist Dênis Russo pointed out that “the alternatives to the war on drugs don’t come from politicians, they come from an organized society.” Author of The End of the War, Dênis talked about the “revolutionary” Spanish model, the “dated” Dutch model and advised, “discriminalizing [drugs] doesn’t solve any of the severe problems that are related to drugs.”

The event was promoted by the Humanitas360 Institute within its Circuit of Culture and Citizenship, and in partnership with IPDR, the publishing house Editora Planeta, and Itaú Cultural. With activities like this, Humanitas360 seeks, among its goals, to expand the dialogue regarding drug policies in Latin America and to engage citizens with the issue.

Watch the entire debate here.

Production: Instituto Humanitas360 – Circuito de Cultura e Cidadania

Partners: IPDR,  Editora Planeta.

Media Production:  Núcleo Multimídia H360

Support: Itaú Cultural

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