Event debates solutions for global poverty

Event debates solutions for global poverty

The Global Poverty Summit, which took place at the end of January in London, aimed to support solutions developed by non-governmental organizations that attend to impoverished populations. Organized by the English deputy Syed Kamall, the event counted on the participation of Humanitas360’s vice-president, Piero Bonadeo, the former prime minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, and the former Secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, among others.

“The top-down centralized approach failed to meet the needs of the society’s poorest. The riches brought by globalization do not always reach them, and, while wellbeing can help beneficiaries deal with the day to day, it does not …. In several communities, there is lack of hope,” Kamall explained during this opening speech.

The event gathered activists and NGOs to explore solutions to poverty in cities. Other prominent individuals that participated in this edition of the Global Poverty Summit were Bob Woodson, who is leading a project to revitalize urban neighborhoods in the United States, Dorothea Arndt from Hand-in-Hand, which enables small groups of women to employ their own savings to start businesses, and Michael D. Tanner from the Cato Institute, which works to promote innovative solutions in the United States to combat poverty.

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