Global Shapers Second National Meeting

Global Shapers Second National Meeting

On December 4th through 6th, Janaina Nascimento, who works as Project Coordinator of the PDR Institute, has been selected to be a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum, and is currently the curator of the São Paulo hub, participated at the Second National Meeting of Global Shapers in Brazil.

The Global Shapers community arrived in Brazil three years ago and has Patrícia Villela Marino, who serves as the president of Humanitas360, as a member of the advisory board of the Global Shapers in the World Economic Forum in Geneva. Since then, several hubs were started throughout Brazil in cities such as Brasília, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and Manaus.

During this national meeting, representatives and curators of eight Brazilian hubs were able to talk through the activities done throughout 2015 and strategically plan for the following year. Among the topics discussed were the opportunities for the hubs to work together and the role of shapers to be agents of change in their own cities and the country as a whole. According to Teo Benjamin, curator of the Rio de Janeiro hub, the meeting was important so that “Brazilian shapers realize that they are part of a community that goes beyond the hub of their cities.”

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