Governance and Transparency

We are dedicated to empowering and engaging citizens as well as holding government accountable for its actions. We want to empower citizens and change the current culture between citizens and government. When citizens are engaged and actively participate in the political process, and governments are dedicated to being transparent and engage citizens, societies thrive.

Unfortunately, in many Latin American countries, citizens have lost trust in governance because they feel that the social pact between citizens and government has been broken. In 2015, 65 percent of citizens from 18 Latin American countries stated that they have “little confidence” or “no confidence” in their government 1. At the same time, there are often high levels of corruption and a lack of accountability. We are committed to improving these problems by:

  • Empowering Citizens – The foundation of strong governance is to engage and empower citizens. Our aim is to empower citizens through education and support projects that help inform people based on evidence-based facts. Additionally, we want to engage and draw attention to millennials to strengthen the next generation of citizens.
  • Changing the Culture of Legality – According to a survey in 2016, millennials in the Americas ranked government accountability and transparency/ corruption as the biggest issue affecting their country today. We must change the culture of legality. We want to help fight corruption and create a culture of trust between institutions and legal systems.
  • Strengthening the Social Pact – Our goal is to re-build partnerships between governments and citizens, increase political engagement and transparency, and guarantee that the social pacts between citizens and governments are upheld.