H360’s main initiatives to create a socially just Latin America

H360’s main initiatives to create a socially just Latin America



Headquartered in Denver, U.S., the Humanitas360 Institute wants to build a socially fair Latin America, supported by a network of civic-social entrepreneurs working for citizen empowerment. To realize this vision, the H360 develops and supports several projects. Know here our main initiatives for the year 2018:




  • Americas Civic Empowerment Index: raising social engagement awareness

An innovative comparison on the civic participation and engagement level of 7 countries in the Americas: USA, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Colombia and Venezuela. Launching in March 2018; promotion on the countries from April onwards.
Partnership with The Economist Intelligence Unit


  • “Lava Jato”: mapping the corruption network spreading across Latin America

An interactive graph of the criminal connections spread throughout many countries in Latin America revealed by the big data behind the legal proceedings of Operation Car Wash, the investigation on a Brazilian political scandal that revealed the biggest corruption scheme in human history.
Partnership with Colombian researcher Eduardo Salcedo, from Vortex


  • Weaving Freedom: a movie on women and jail

A 30-minute documentary that depicts how women are the weakest link in the cycle of crime, prison sentences and jail. The film gathers voices of inmates, ex-convicts, prison employees, NGO professionals, activists, university professors and judges – all women.
Being produced by H360 (a 5-minute trailer was already awarded by the UN in Brazil)


  • Co-ops in prisons: a key to keep ex-detainees far from crime

In the prisons that house organized crime leaders and some of the most famous criminals in Brazil, we are implementing cooperatives for food and handicrafts production.
In partnership with with the State Court in Taubaté, São Paulo State Government and the local community.


  • Coalition for Prison and Justice Paradigm Shift

A design thinking process gathering the main researchers, NGOs, journalists and activists, plus ex-convicts public servants of the prison system, that is developing and implementing an action plan to shift the law, public policies and current society’s mindset in regard to prison and justice system. An action plan for Brazil being created as a pilot to be replicated in other countries.




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