Humanitas360 takes leading role at the Biennial of the Americas

Humanitas360 takes leading role at the Biennial of the Americas

The Biennial of the Americas, which takes place in Denver, CO since 2010, is a festival of ideas, art and culture that promotes the integration of countries and cultures in the continent, from Alaska to the Tierra del Fuego.

Based on positive results of the previous partnership between Humanitas360 and the Biennial of the Americas, the president of Humanitas360, Patricia Villela Marino, has been nominated to the Board of Directors of the Biennial and Platform Americas. Marino has also taken the opportunity to deepen H360’s involvement in the organization and production of the event, which will happen from September 12th through the 16th, 2017.

“We’ll work on consolidating the Biennial as a platform for a continent with no borders, which is fundamental during this time of political polarization and creation of barriers,” said Patricia. The H360 president is the first foreigner to be a part of the Biennial of the Americas/Platform Americas’ Board of Directors. During the week-long event, the Biennial promotes panel discussions with politicians, business leaders, social entrepreneurs and artists, with the objective of increasing the integration of North, Central and South America. The event also includes a diverse culture program that attracts artists, students and intellectuals,

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