The PDR Institute and Humanitas360 raise funds for Brazilian Dream on Politics

Organizations work together to leverage project that studies and analyzes the participation of young Brazilians in politics

On June 25th, 2015, the PDR Institute in partnership with Humanitas360 hosted a fundraiser dinner for friends and partners in order to celebrate and the successes of the Sonho Brasileiro da Política (translated “Brazilian Dream of Politics”) and talk about a second phase of the project.

Since the manifestations in 2013, the participation of young Brazilian in politics has intensified throughout the country, showing that they are interested about politics but in a different way. From this perspective, in 2014, the project went to the streets to study and survey the emerging behavior of young Brazilians. The result is a portrait of politics through the perspective of young people that indicates new ways and tendencies that they engage with politics.

With the findings of this study, another project called UPDATE emerged, which proposes to analyze political systems and young people’s behavior towards politics. Believing in this project’s potential of generating positive impact, Humanitas360 supports the idea and is looking for ways to foment the collaboration between different individuals that are working with this theme in the region.

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