Platform Nuestra Constitución gives voice to Chileans


Former president of Chile Ricardo Lagos (2000-2006) has headed several initiatives to foment democracy and development in Chile through Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo. The organization has most recently launched Nuestra Constitución (Our Constitution), a digital platform that has developed from the project Tu Constitución (Your Constitution). The new website compiles more than 500 ideas and propositions given by the public about the main topics that should be present in Chile’s Constitution. On the platform, citizens have the opportunity to participate weighing in their opinions about the propositions and having their say in public policy. There are also resources for them to learn more about the laws of their country and other tools. To learn more, check out

Mr. Lagos is the President of Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo and a member of the advisory board of Humanitas360 Institute.

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