Projeto Sol and Students’ Movement stir activism among Brazilian youth

Imagine a group of young people exchanging ideas and experiences about how to improve the quality of life in their communities. Now, imagine if this group created a network of students from several schools that led activities focused in improving services such as the quality of school lunches in the public school system; what if they sought more youth participation in the city council of their cities; what if they led movements for environmental protection and more sustainability? Does this seem possible? A group like this already exists: it’s the Projeto Sol (freely translated from Portuguese as “the Sun Project”) based in Santarém, Pará (a state in the northern part of Brazil). In this city that sits on the margins of the Tapajós and Amazon Rivers, the group has been inspiring youth since 2001 to participate actively in their communities, leading educational and environmental activities, among others. Watch the video to learn more.

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