One of the Top Brazilian Newspapers Highlights Entrepreneurs in Public Management

Capa Valor Economico

Patrícia Villela Marino, Founder and CEO of the Humanitas360 Institute, and other high profile business leaders in Brazil appeared on the cover story of Valor Econômico newspaper and magazine.

The story focuses on the initiative known as Juntos pelo Desenvolvimento Sustentável (translated “Together for Sustainable Development”), or simply Juntos.

Juntos is made up of men and women that lead a few of the largest corporations in Brazil, and that now are using their experience in order to improve public management.

Working in partnership with local governing bodies, the closest government sphere to the population, Juntos focuses on impacting public management in a positive way, fostering transformation and improving services, while keeping citizens at the center of the action.

Juntos is already present in more than seven cities in Brazil such as Pelotas (RS), Santos (SP) and Teresina (PI). In the beginning of the year, in Pelotas, Juntos, in partnership with the Tellus Agency and the city management, among other partners, remodeled, enlarged, and improved a health clinic in the county of Bom Jesus. A few of the improvements included a playground for children, a gym for adults, a community garden, tablets for employees to use at home visits, and computers for patients to be able to check information such as the time of their appointment and medication that they need. With the success of the project, the local management wants to replicate it in other clinics throughout Pelotas.

In addition to Patrícia being a part of Juntos, she leads both the PDR Institute and Humanitas360, organizations that support the Tellus Agency through a partnership that focuses on increasing visibility and scalability of Tellus’ projects.

Check out the full article here.

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