Humanitas360 Institute Releases Its 2017 Annual Report

Humanitas360 Institute Releases Its 2017 Annual Report

Prior to its annual Board Meeting, which takes place on March 16, the Humanitas360 Institute (H360) has recently made available its 2017 Annual Report. H360 has been consolidating itself as a think-and-do-tank, committed to building human connections as a tool to promote positive change in Latin America.

The report, which opens with a message from H360’s chairman and Brazil’s former president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, presents in detail the projects developed by the organization in 2017, as well as its evolution both in vision and mission, and structure.

“Among the various themes addressed in the Humanitas360 program in 2017, the debate about the aggravation of the Brazilian prison system particularly called my attention. Faced with the general sentiment of insecurity that characterizes the lives of Brazilians on a daily basis, it’s easy to say, “Arrest them, put them in jail!” The usual answer has been to increase the number of inmates. The clusters of prisoners facilitate what we see today, rebellions and massacres inside prison units,” reads Fernando Henrique Cardoso’s opening letter.


The Humanitas360 Institute Annual Report is available for download here.  

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