What we do

Humanitas360 Institute is a think-do tank committed to building human connections as a powerful tool to promote change in Latin America.

We believe citizen engagement improves living standards and  tackles enduring and urgent challenges in governance and transparency, citizen security, and human rights in Latin America.

We stimulate open discussions, encouraging all stakeholders to weigh in and share their experiences with the intent of generating empathy and transformation.

Humanitas360 fellows are Latin American business leaders, public officials, academic leaders, civic entrepreneurs, community leaders, artists, media executives. Above all, they are citizens.

Humanitas360 Institute is a US-based non profit organization and is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Our mission is to advance research, promote knowledge, and engage citizens to achieve sustainable improvement of living standards in Latin America.


Build a network of partners that works for citizen empowerment in Latin America, focusing on the development of solutions and strengthening governance to reach significant social transformation within one generation.

Our Guiding Principle

Our actions are guided by Grassroots Philanthropy, a philosophy that puts the human aspect of philanthropy first, making philanthropists and beneficiaries equal partners.

Thematic Priority Issues & Objectives

Humanitas360 focuses on Citizen Security, under which it has identified three thematic priority issues and objectives:

  • Governance & Transparency:
    • Increase citizen participation in democratic processes to improve governance and transparency of public administration.
    • Increase citizen involvement among youth, to create an open dialogue between state institutions and citizens that will result in better public policies.
  • Prison Systems:
    • Support innovative solutions and approaches to social prevention, access to justice, rehabilitation, and reintegration into society.
  • Drug Policy:
    • Stimulate comprehensive, balanced, and evidence-based debate about drug policies that promotes health and human rights.

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