Would Millennials lead Braxit?

By Piero Bonadeo, Vice-president of Humanitas360

Brit Millennials are angry at Baby Boomers as well as at the older generation for denying them the obvious benefits deriving from the single market, the freedom of moving in the Schengen area, the freedom of studying and working in the continent. Quality of information and mistrust in politicians have also weighted on the decision of exiting the European Union. Have Millennials been active enough? Would Brazilian Millennials mobilize their voices for a way to cope with Braxit, exiting the financial and political crisis in Brazil?

The Millennial generation believes in purpose, working to accomplish something larger than themselves and constantly advocating their causes in all dimensions of their lives. In this crisis context, they strive for more transparency and to redefine overarching rigid structures and frameworks. They are leading digital activism that are driving important changes in Brazilian cities through technologies that are increasingly more human-centered.  How to make them more active? We believe part of the purpose that the Millennials are seeking in their lives should apply also to the public life. Civic entrepreneurs should also act in public administration, thinking of new ways for increasing participation to democratic processes, thus preparing Brazil for the next generation of public leaders.

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