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Patrícia Villela Marino do Humanitas360

Patrícia Villela Marino, Co-Founder & CEO

Bachelor in Law by Mackenzie University. Patrícia was a guest student in the Philanthropy and Third Sector course at the J. F. Kennedy School of Government, at Harvard University. As CEO of H360, she works to reduce violence, increase transparency and encourage active citizenship in Latin American countries. Patrícia is also the founder of CIVI-CO, a community formed by civic-socio-environmental impact entrepreneurs and third sector organizations. She was also a member of the Global Shapers program founding council, the World Economic Forum, and led the creation of the Latin American Platform on Drug Policy (PLPD), a program supported by former presidents Fernando Henrique Cardoso (Brazil) and César Gaviria (Colombia).

For her work in the third sector, Patrícia won the Humanitarian Award (2020) by the Trust for The Americas (OAS); the XXII Santo Dias Human Rights Award (2018) by the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo; the Humanitarian Award of the Year (2016) by BRAVO and the POWER of Social Impact Award (2011) by the ABC Business Awards.

Higor Cauê do Humanitas360

Higor Cauê, Executive Director and Strategies

Supports different legal aspects of Humanitas360 Institute.

Bachelor in Law and postgraduate in Criminal Law and Criminology, Higor was responsible for the institutional relations of the Community Council Criminal Execution Court from Taubaté-SP. He was a member of Fundação Casa Management Board and was the youngest member of the CADCA/UN International Anti-Drug Coalition. He was also part of the Doutor Manoel Pedro Pimentel Foundation – FUNAP’s legal assistance program. Implemented the Digital Automation System for Electronic Processes, the “e-SAJ” , at the Penitentiary Progress Center in Tremembé/SP and worked in joint efforts and development of social impact projects for the rehabilitation of former inmates.

At the age of 21, he participated as a negotiator during a prison riot at the Provisional Detention Center in Taubaté (SP). After 30 hours, the 14 hostages were released and no one was injured.

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Lúcia Helena Araújo, Legal Manager

She manages and supports the legal aspects of the Institute’s growth and development.

Bachelor in Law for 29 years, has her own law office in the Civil and Family area. She was a conciliator and mediator at the São Paulo Court of Justice, in the hearings at the Judiciary Center for Conflict Resolution and Citizenship (Cejusc) and the District of Santos and acted as facilitator of the Restorative Justice during negotiations with the Criminal Court.

She loves crocheting, felting and creative sewing. She also attends dance classes and fights Muay Thai.

Angela Almeida, Assistant to the President

Angela supports the president and the daily administrative activities, as well as supporting the entire team with all issues regarding operations and logistics.

Angela holds a bachelor’s degree in law, and worked at the Brasil Voluntário Institute – in 2001, she was responsible for organizing the UN’s Year of the International Volunteer event in Brazil. She served as the assistant to the president at the Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo and of the Itaú Cultural Institute between 2002 and 2019.

Since 2002, she has served as a volunteer in the administrative department at the Community Association Despertar, which offers skilled trade training programs for teenagers and adults in São Paulo.

Fernando Yoshimura, Production Supervisor

Business manager, entrepreneur in the craft industry. He started his professional career in accounts payable. He has experience in team management, accounting and sales.

Father of two princesses who inspire him to keep doing more and better. A skater at heart, he also has a habit of taking the word of God wherever he goes.

Conceição Novais, Manager of the Cuxá Social Cooperative in São Luís do Maranhão

Bachelor’s degree in Social Service from Anhanguera and post-graduate student in SUAS Management – Social Assistance Unified System, from Laboro College. Formerly worked at the Maranhão Penitentiary Administration Secretariat.

Conceição likes being with her family, beaches and old movies.

Leonardo Gomes Stralla, Administrative and Financial Assistant

Leonardo supports the Director of Planning and Finance as well as the Planning Manager in the institute’s daily activities.

He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in foreign trade from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Prior to coming to Brazil, he worked as a sales supervisor in Caracas, Venezuela. In Brazil, prior to joining H360, he worked as an administrative assistant and as a driver.

Originally from Venezuela, Leonardo has lived in Brazil for the past five years. He speaks Portuguese well, but misses arepas and malt drinks from his homeland.

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Isabel Cristina Paiva Reis Gonçalves, psychologist

She works as a clinical and social psychologist in H360’s programs and projects, especially with the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated and/or in a vulnerable situation.

Bachelor’s in Psychology with background in clinical work with the incarcerated and unaccountable population at Custodia Hospital and Prof. André Teixeira Lima Psychiatric Treatment (Franco da Rocha Psychiatric Hospital), participated in consultations and creativity workshops. She worked in the areas of Social and Legal Psychology, associating clinical care with psychological care minimizing the impacts of prejudice and social stigmas, in order to promote better quality of life and mental health.

She loves dance classes, street running and trying new restaurants (but loves Japanese food). She also enjoys going to the beach, hanging out with friends and taking care of her 3 dogs.


Diego Silveira, Photographer and Videomaker

He supports the Communication Department providing audiovisual, photography and design material.

Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism by FAU-USP, experience in social projects. He has always used audiovisual as a way of working, understanding and intervening in the urban space. He participated in the production of web documentaries, short films and independent documentaries.

Father of a pet, he likes to watch series, read books, draw and take pictures of the city in his spare time.

Evani Rodrigues, Social Worker

Trained in Social Service at UNIFESP, immersed in various social situations that delimit the issues related to the Prison System, since the day of her graduation, she acted as an intern at the Central Graduate and Family Assistance Center (CAEF), located in the city of Santos / SP. She is studying Postgraduate in “Public Management in Family Services”, and has been looking to expand her knowledge even more.

As her motivation and through her performance as an intern in the care of graduates, certain situations and social dilemmas were presented; lack of documentation, family distancing, breakdown of ties, low schooling and in many cases without any professional experience, facts that were pointed out in the investigation and in turn in the preparation of their Course Conclusion Work (TCC), whose subject was: “Public Policy of Attention to Prison Graduates in the State of São Paulo: Demands and Responses ”.

A proud mother to Roberto, recently trained in environmental engineering, is a socially conscious young man, inclusive with the environment and who, through it, carries the hope of a more just and egalitarian society.

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Flavia de Araujo, US Operations Manager

Graduated in Tourism by Faculdades Integradas Hélio Alonso (FACHA). She has 27 years of experience in the hospitality industry between Brazil and the United States.

She started in 1996 as a receptionist and has embraced new challenges throughout her career, holding management positions in hotel operations, sales and revenue departments. Also a translator and experience in event organization and public relations.

Her hobbies are the beach, books and movies.

Eliseu Reis Gonçalves Junior, Administrative and Accounting manager

In charge of H360’s Accounting Department, planning of administrative and financial processes, compliance and liability, internal audit, conciliation and general cost control.

Graduated in Business Administration by FMU, currently attending a postgraduate course in Corporate Finance and Controllership. His career has been in the financial field. At Construtora Cyrela, he worked with accounts payable management, reconciliations and tax planning, as well as the implementation of integrated systems projects..

In his free time he loves fishing and spending time with family and friends, also enjoys traveling to beach destinations. He loves his pets and gardening.




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