What We Do

What We Do

The Humanitas360 Institute works in several countries in the Americas to reduce violence and improve the quality of life of the population. For that, Humanitas promotes citizen engagement and transparency of institutions, essential conditions to restore social peace in the continent.

We are moved by a vision of a more socially just Latin America, supported by a network of civic-social organizations and entrepreneurs that work with citizen empowerment, ensuring sustainable improvement of the standard of living in the continent.

Our mission is to promote research, knowledge, citizen engagement and transparency, developing collaborative solutions in order to reach significant social change within one generation.

To accomplish this mission, we develop projects and serve as facilitators of coalitions of social organizations, professionals and public servants, focusing on reducing violence, promoting citizenship and advancing transparency.

H360 is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Aspen (USA), with a regional office in São Paulo (Brazil). The institute also has advisors and collaborators in Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico and Guatemala.

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