Inspired by inmates’ stories, H360 campaign aims to shift the paradigm about the prison system

On International Women’s Day (March 8th), H360 will launch a communications campaign inspired by the stories of inmates with the objective to shift the paradigm about the prison system. Called “Weaving Freedom”, the campaign will expose the living conditions of women inmates to uncover challenges and propose new ways for the Brazilian prison system.

From articles published on H360’s website to videos and pictures posted on social media, the campaign will culminate with the launch of the documentary with the same name, “Weaving Freedom”. Produced by H360, the film exposes the reality of Brazilian female inmates, focusing on the Center for Rehabilitation for Women in Ananindeua, Pará (a state in the northern region of Brazil) and the Women’s Penitentiary II in Tremembé, São Paulo. The film points to possible solutions to improve the quality of life, not only of incarcerated women, but of the entire society, reducing violence and crime on the streets.

Brazil has been experiencing a rapid growth in the female prison population. Between 2000 and 2016, the number of inmates increased by 567%, according to a report by Infopen Women, produced by the National Penitentiary Department and published in 2018. The study, although centered on the female population, reveals a broader scenario, that of the gigantic social inequality of the country. The profile of the majority of incarcerated women – young, black, single mothers with low level of education – is the reflection of a society that still needs to mature.

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