Patrícia Villela Marino is honored by the Chamber of São Paulo on International Women’s Day

Patrícia Villela Marino is honored by the Chamber of São Paulo on International Women’s Day

The president of the Humanitas360 Institute, Patrícia Villela Marino, was honored by the Municipal Chamber of São Paulo in celebration of International Women’s Day. The ceremony, which has taken place every year since 2000, honored acting city councillors and 19 women from São Paulo that work in the defense of human rights and contribute in the development of public policies. “I want to dedicate this honor to the invisible women of society, those that are serving time in prison and to prison workers. Even going through violent circumstances, they never ceased to be feminine,” said Patrícia.

The honorees were selected by the city councillors and party leaders. The president of the Municipal Chamber and the chiefs of the Metropolitan Civil Guard and Military Police also participated in the selection process. Ana Cláudia Carletto (adjunct executive secretary of policies for women of the City Secretariat of Human Rights and Citizenship) also attended the ceremony. Carletto said that the date served as an opportunity to reflect about what actions must be implemented to combat the high rates of violence against women in Brazil. “According to the Inter-american Commission on Human Rights, during the first two months of 2019, 126 women died in Brazil as victims of violence against women. A woman dies as a result of being a woman. We need more effective measures,” said Carletto.

As she gave the honors to the president of H360, the city councillor Janaína Lima (member of Partido Novo, freely translated as New Party) said, “In Patrícia, I have a mentor who has inspired me to exercise my citizenship. A woman, whose work at the Humanitas360 Institute, her support of the Global Shapers community and the creation of CIVI-CO, has impacted the lives of hundreds of people, not only in this city, but also in Brazil and around the world.”

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