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Patrícia Villela Marino, Co-founder and President

Patrícia leads H360’s day-to-day activities, defining our strategy, working in the field with our partners and collaborators, and forging partnerships with public institutions, private companies and civic-social entrepreneurs in order to achieve common objectives.

Patrícia holds a law degree from Mackenzie University, was invited as a guest student in the course on Philanthropy and the Third Sectors at the J.F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. She is a founding member of the Global Shapers advisory board of the World Economic Forum and created the São Paulo hub. She led the creation of the Latin American Platform on Drug Policy (PLPD). Patrícia is a member of the Advisory Board of Ruth Cardoso Center. She also participated of the Executive Board of the Biennial of Americas at the invitation of ex-governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper, and of the Managing Board of the Secretariat of Social Assistance and Development of the City of São Paulo. Patrícia is the co-founder of CIVI-CO as well, a work space that brings together civic-social entrepreneurs.

Mother to Daniel, Patrícia is a civic-social entrepreneur committed to her country and to the cause of spreading the culture of collaboration.

Janaina Reis, Head of operations and projects
Janaina holds a Bachelor in International Relations, with a degree in engineering (UFABC), specialization in Big Data and social Analytics (MIT), and a masters in leadership and public management (MLG, with module at the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford), Janaina uses her hybrid training  in the areas of Exact Sciences and Humanities to promote and transform public policies through technology. From 2011 to 2012 she led the secretariat of the Latin American Drug Policy Initiative, an initiative created by the former president of Brazil, Fernando Henrique Cardoso. Her selection by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a Global Shaper allowed her to integrate this community with young global leaders who have the potential to change the world. Janaina was the curator of this community in the city of São Paulo from 2015 to 2016.
She guided the re-structuring of strategic impact and private social investment for major consumer brands and Family offices. These efforts helped resolve public management challenges in more than 40 Brazilian municipalities.  In 2017, she was invited to work in the municipal management of São Paulo as Assistant Municipal Secretary for Social Assistance and Development.  From 2018 to 2019, she served as chief of staff at the São Paulo City Council and in that position he coordinated the structuring of the Municipal Early Childhood Plan and the structuring of the first public co-working of the legislature in Brazil.  In 2019 she was selected to be Undersecretary for Social Assistance of the Government of Minas Gerais and coordinated the social assistance operations of the rupture of the Córrego do Feijão dam, in Brumadinho / MG and the government innovation operation for social policies during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Marcelo Gugliotti, Director of Planning and Finances

Marcelo Gugliotti has a degree in Mathematics from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP) and studied Banking (Administration of Financial Institutions) through the continuing education program of Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV-SP).

He has more than 30 years of experience managing financial and administrative areas of banks, industries and consulting companies. For four years he worked as a financial manager and auditor at Amigos do Bem, a philanthropic institution that made he fall in love with the third sector.

Grateful to God for all he has and for his two beloved children and friends (Nícolas and Enzo), he loves his soccer team, likes to ride his bicycle around the world, as well as practicing other sports. Gugliotti is also Italian and loves his second hometown, Rivarone.

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Maria Pestana, Chief of Business Development and Partnerships 

Maria Pestana is graduated in Communications at Mackenzie University and post-graduated at the School of Visual Arts in New York. 

Worked for 30 years in big Brazilian advertising agencies, such as DPZ, DM9/DDB, and Lew’Lara. Throughout these years she gathered thorough knowledge in building great brands, on digital communication, on company fusions, strategic planning, and business amplification. Her clients include Sadia, Itaú, Credicard, Vivo, Johnson&Johnson, Parmalat, Bunge, americanas.com, Shopping Iguatemi, Vale do Rio Doce, Cacau Show, and others. 

Nowadays she dedicates herself to Humanitas360 and Civi-co, both companies that aim at businesses with social impact, committed to uniting more and more the civil society, bringing it closer to Brazil’s social issues.

Thainã Neves, Communication and Public Affairs Manager

Journalist and Public Relations, postgraduate in communication management with the market and integrated communication planning by ESPM- São Paulo. She has coordinated more than 150 communication projects in small and large companies.

A woman passionate about cooking and a creative mind to deal with challenges.

Isadora Puríssimo, Communication and Social Media

Isadora is a journalist graduated from the Federal University of Uberlândia and a researcher in Media, Information and Culture at the Center for Latin American Studies on Culture and Communication, where she is currently pursuing graduate studies.

In her spare time, she is an enthusiast of Cinema, Literature and believes that Art is the way to build a democratic and plural world.

Higor Cauê, Legal Manager

Higor’s role focuses on regarding the legal matters connected to our work.

He holds a law degree, and has a postgraduate certification in Criminal Law and Criminology. Higor was responsible for the institutional relations of the Criminal Court Community Council of Taubaté, São Paulo. He participated in the Managing Board of Casa Foundation and was the youngest member of the International Anti-Drug Coalition (CADCA/UN). Moreover, he participated in the program of legal assistance of the Doutor Manuel Pedro Pimentel Foundation (FUNAP). Higor implemented the Digital Automation System of Electronic Processes (“e-SAJ”) at the Center of Penitentiary Progression in Tremembé, São Paulo, and worked in task forces and in the development of social impact projects, which focused on reintegration of ex-inmates.

At 21 years of age, Higor worked helping the negotiations during a prison riot at the Center for Temporary Incarceration in Taubaté, São Paulo. After 30 hours, 14 hostages were let go and and nobody got hurt.

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Angela Almeida, Assistant to the President

Angela supports the president and the daily administrative activities, as well as supporting the entire team with all issues regarding operations and logistics.

Angela holds a bachelor’s degree in law, and worked at the Brasil Voluntário Institute – in 2001, she was responsible for organizing the UN’s Year of the International Volunteer event in Brazil. She served as the assistant to the president at the Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo and of the Itaú Cultural Institute between 2002 and 2019.

Since 2002, she has served as a volunteer in the administrative department at the Community Association Despertar, which offers skilled trade training programs for teenagers and adults in São Paulo.

Lucas Barreto, Video Designer

Lucas is in charge of capturing, scripting, editing and finalizing our video productions, as well as our photography, and supporting the communication department in the management of our social media.

He is a professional with broad experience in the direction of photography and camera operation for audiovisual projects for documentaries, TV series, advertising videos and institutional videos. Director of photography for feature-length documentaries: Krenak; 1976 – O Ano da Invasão Corinthiana; Futuro do Pretérito: Tropicalismo Now!; Carne, Osso; and Duplo Território.

Lucas plays an alfaia drum in a Maracatu band on the weekends, frequents the cinema and enjoys hitting the road whenever he can.

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Felipe Freitas, Financial Assistant

Felipe supports the Director of Planning and Finance in managing and controlling the organization’s budget. He is also responsible for carrying out all activities related to the financial administration of the organization.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a specialization in Finance and Human Resources. Felipe’s experience includes roles in administration, finance, credit assessment and human resources. Experienced in customer service, he also enjoys working with both internal and external clients as well as third-party service providers.

Felipe enjoys watching movies, TV series, attending Geek events such as CCXP, anime friends and cosplay meet ups. He loves Marvel and DC Comics. Anime is his great passion.

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Leonardo Gomes Stralla, Operations Assistant

Leonardo supports the Director of Planning and Finance as well as the Planning Manager in the institute’s daily activities.

He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in foreign trade from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Prior to coming to Brazil, he worked as a sales supervisor in Caracas, Venezuela. In Brazil, prior to joining H360, he worked as an administrative assistant and as a driver.

Originally from Venezuela, Leonardo has lived in Brazil for the past five years. He speaks Portuguese well, but misses arepas and malt drinks from his homeland.

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Rodrigo Dias dos Santos, Psychologist

Graduated with a degree in Psychology (UNIP), specialized in Jungian Psychotherapy (UNIP), musician and actor, he uses art as a facilitation tool in therapeutic activities.

He acted in the Socio-educational Measurement Service in the Open Environment with adolescent offenders, in 2014 through a process of re-socialization of those assisted. He is the co-founder of the Mama Ekos Institute, which developed work with traditional midwives from indigenous and riverine communities, together with pregnant women, families and other vulnerable communities, thus strengthening the practice of midwifery, offering emotional support for pregnant women and families.

He was part of a technical team at CRAS Maués-AM, working with families in a state of social vulnerability, developing seminars on citizenship, providing psychosocial care and at the same time assisting in the access of these families to public policies of Social Assistance.

Evani Rodrigues, Social Worker

Trained in Social Service at UNIFESP, immersed in various social situations that delimit the issues related to the Prison System, since the day of her graduation, she acted as an intern at the Central Graduate and Family Assistance Center (CAEF), located in the city of Santos / SP. She is studying Postgraduate in “Public Management in Family Services”, and has been looking to expand her knowledge even more.

As her motivation and through her performance as an intern in the care of graduates, certain situations and social dilemmas were presented; lack of documentation, family distancing, breakdown of ties, low schooling and in many cases without any professional experience, facts that were pointed out in the investigation and in turn in the preparation of their Course Conclusion Work (TCC), whose subject was: “Public Policy of Attention to Prison Graduates in the State of São Paulo: Demands and Responses ”.

A proud mother to Roberto, recently trained in environmental engineering, is a socially conscious young man, inclusive with the environment and who, through it, carries the hope of a more just and egalitarian society.

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Marisol Carmona, U.S Representative

Marisol was born and raised in the border with Mexico and the U.S. Growing up Bilingual and Bicultural, ignited the interest of working with people from all over the world and learning from different cultures and languages.

Graduated with a B.A in Organizational and Corporate Communication and a Minor in Museum Studies from the University of Texas at El Paso. Marisol’s background started in the Hospitality industry, in which she worked for thirteen years, gaining knowledge on digital communication, social media management, event planning and building long lasting relationships with clients.

Marisol is a very creative and artistic person, currently studying and working to preserve the old art of Sign Painting, a trade that due to technology is almost gone.

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Constanza Hasselmann, Intern (June to August 2019)

During three months, Constanza Hasselmann supported the project team “Entrepreneurship Behind and Beyond Bars” as an intern. She participated in weekly visits to the female detainees in Tremembé, providing assistance to cooperative members. She also structured the “Course H360” which will be implemented in cooperative programs to improve their technical capacity and entrepreneurial skills.  

Constanza Hasselmann is a student at Stanford University on Sociology’s data, markets and management track with a minor in human rights. She is passionate about women’s rights, education and criminal justice reform. She is a representative for the Haas Center for Public Service and is Co-Vice President of BASES’ Social Impact Team, the premier business and entrepreneurship organization for undergraduate students. In a Stanford Law School Policy Practicum, Constanza organized a design thinking workshop and created a website for innovative human rights nonprofit leaders to improve their advocacy strategies.

She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, grew up in the Washington, D.C. area and now lives in California.

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